Does Peddle Buy Junk Cars and Pay Cash?

Your search to learn more about Peddle, the online junk car buying company you are probably considering selling your vehicle to led you to find one of the best junk car removal companies in South Florida, Junk Yard Dog. We are not a Peddle Carrier meaning we are not a part of their junk car towing lead program. With that said, yes “affiliate” tow companies do buy junk cars and pay cash to customers on behalf of Peddle in exchange for a cut of the profit.

Does Peddle Buy Junk Cars and Pay Cash?

What Is Peddle?

Peddle is a lead generation company based in Texas that takes a cut from local junk car buyers for every car they purchase from a person who filled out a form to sell their vehicle. The junk car buying company has tow companies that they call “Peddle Carriers” who purchase vehicles for Peddle. Affiliate junk car buyers use their own vehicles or tow trucks to provide services for Peddle.

Who Is The Best Junk Car Buyer in Fort Lauderdale?

While Peddle has a great reputation for being a reliable junk car buying company nationwide, that doesn’t mean they are the best in the Fort Lauderdale area. Junkyard Dog is the best junk car buying company in Broward county. Our customers love our service because we usually offer more cash for junk cars than Peddle and other local competitors.

Is Peddle Legit?

Of course it is. The car buying company takes measures to ensure each transaction goes smoothly however you can compare their service type to that of Uber or Lyft. The company doesn’t hire direct junk car buyers or tow truck drivers, so you could end up with an inexperienced, unfriendly or unprofessional car buyer.

Why You Should Call A Local Junk Car Buyer Instead

You know exactly who you are dealing with before you call them. Look online and search Google for junk car buyers. Your search will result in tons of local companies with reviews. When you call Junkyard Dog, you know you are calling a trusted junk car buyer in Fort Lauderdale. We have tons of reviews from real people who live in South Florida.

How Long Does It Take To Sell My Car To Peddle?

This is where Peddle lacks in service, it can take 2 to 3 days to sell your vehicle. When you fill out the instant quote request on their website, the actual tow service provider may not reach out to you until a day later and then arrangements to pick up the vehicle may not happen same day which delays the process another 24 hours.

Does Peddle Pay Cash?

No, Peddle does not pay cash for vehicles. Instead, you will be paid by check. They clearly state on their website that majority of Peddle drivers pay by check. You will never get a cash payment from Peddle for your junk vehicle. They pay by check to prevent their “hired” junk car buyers from committing fraud or theft. It’s their way to protect the car seller from their third party car buyers.

Where Can I Sell My Car Instantly?

There is no reason you have to wait to get paid. Junkyard Dog pays cash the same exact day. Sometimes you can even have cash in hand within an hour of calling us. Our junk car tow trucks are available Monday through Saturday to buy your vehicles. When you call our phone number, we give you an instant quote and arrange a time for pickup. No delay. No hold-up. Just instant money for your car, truck, SUV or van.

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