How to Find the Right Vehicle Buyer

If your automobile has tons of issues from driving it around for years, it’s probably time to move on and you now find yourself in the predicament of trying to pick between several junk car buyers to decide which vehicle buyer is best for you and your old vehicle.

How to Find the Right Vehicle Buyer

How To Find The Best Junk Car Buyer

It can be daunting to decide because you probably don’t have much experience with the junk car industry. And why would you? You’ll deal with a junk car buyer only a few times in your life. Luckily for you, we understand the industry because we live it every day. It’s our specialty.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a handy guide with useful tips that we think will help you find the right vehicle buyer in for you and your old auto.

Look For a Buyer With a Good Reputation

The internet has simplified the process of researching everything. When you’re researching potential buyers, make sure to read reviews on their website, on their Facebook page, on Angie’s List, Yelp and Google. Doing this should give you a pretty clear picture of how a company deals with their customers and how they compare to their competitors. Don’t expect that any company will have 100 percent positive reviews, but you should consider only companies that receive an overwhelming majority of positive reviews.

Make Sure They’ll Give An Offer Over The Phone

If the junk car buyer won’t make you an offer over the phone, there’s always the chance that they’re going to show up and try to lowball you when they have you as a “captive audience.” Any reputable junk car buyer will offer you a free guaranteed quote over the phone. You should collect as many of these quotes as you can, and in the end, you should pick the company that offers you the most money for your vehicle.

One tip that you may not have considered: If you feel that one company is the most upstanding of the lot—that it’s the company you feel like you would trust the most—but some other company’s given you the best offer for your car, you should consider calling the company you like better and giving them the opportunity to match the other company’s offer. They may decline, but oftentimes they’ll happily accept.

They Provide Free Junk Car Pick Up

If your buyer is reputable, they buy lots of junk cars. It doesn’t really make much sense to ask someone selling a junk car to drive it into your junkyard, does it? A reputable company should be able to pick up your car within 24 hours, and their offered price should not be affected by a pickup. So make sure to get them to confirm in the free quote that that price includes pickup.

They Pay You Cash, Not By Check

The greatest benefit of working with a company that specializes in junk cars is that they actually see the intrinsic value in your car. This should translate into the best deal you can get for your car. As an added convenience to an already convenient process, most reputable junk car companies pay cash at pickup. You won’t have to cash a check, and you won’t have to wait for direct deposit or any such thing. Instead, you’ll have the cash you can spend immediately.

Sell Your Junk Car To Junkyard Dog

At Junkyard Dog, we have over a decade of experience as a vehicle buyer in Boca Raton, FL. During that time, we’ve built a reputation as being a highly reputable vehicle buyer, and a great way to receive fast cash on the spot. We buy cars, trucks, vans and SUVs in any condition, no title necessary.

We can quickly turn your old unwanted vehicle into cash, and we’ll even come and pick it up for you, free of charge. We’re the premier vehicle buyer in Boca Raton, FL for a reason. If you’re looking to sell your vehicle, give us a call today!

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