How to Get the Most Cash for Vehicles in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Maybe your junk car started as a restoration project that never got off the ground, or it’s just a family car that’s past its prime. Either way, you want it gone, and there is only one way to go about it: take it to a junkyard. Luckily for you, even the ugliest cars are worth something because of the metal they are made of. But there are quite a few things you need to do before it’s out of your driveway for good.

So, what are these must-know things exactly? If you are considering selling your junk vehicle to a junkyard, then read on to find out how to get the most cash for vehicles in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Call around to find the best deal

Whether you are selling for salvage or scrap, different yards will offer you different rates for your vehicle. It’ll be in your best interest to do your homework. You should also ask about any restrictions the junkyard might have. Be sure to ask about each company’s rule and what they will need to see before your car can be accepted.

Make sure it’s in one piece

Depending on the junkyard, your vehicle may need to be in one piece to be accepted—especially if the junkyard is picking it up. If your vehicle is in several pieces, you should check with your junkyard before asking for a pickup. Not only could a tow impact the amount of money you get, it could also come with restrictions. If you are selling a vehicle for salvage, your car should run (even if it doesn’t run well), and it should be all in one piece.

Make sure you can prove it’s yours

Having the title to your vehicle is perhaps the most essential part of this process. If you can’t prove you are the legal owner of the vehicle, you won’t be able to sell it to anyone—junkyard or otherwise. If you can’t find your paperwork, be sure to go through the DMV to get new proof of ownership before attempting to sell it. It will save everyone time and energy.

Follow up on the title transfer

Now that your car is sold and the title has been handed to the junkyard, be sure you follow up after a week or so to make sure they actually finished the process. If it has not been transferred, you need to call them and push to have it done immediately. A car that is still in your name opens you up to liability even if it’s unofficially changed hands for cash. A reputable company will not leave a title in your name for very long.

It’s understandable that you want your junk car to be gone fast, but follow these steps and you could end up pocketing more money than you originally thought. Searching for a place that offers cash for vehicles in Fort Lauderdale, FL, right there on the spot? Call Junkyard Dog—we’re experts in junk car removal services, and we’ll even tow your junk vehicle away!

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