Is Wheelzy A Legit and Reliable Car Buying Company?

You have probably seen a company called Wheelzy pop up when you’re searching for car buyers in your local area and now you’re wondering whether this car buying company is legit. Just like Peddle, Wheelzy is a company that provides a cash for cars service through a network of tow drivers who have joined on as driver partners.

While Junkyard Dog buys vehicles in South Florida, we are not affiliated with Wheelzy nor are we a hired driver for their car buying company. Our company works directly with customers to ensure they get the best service possible and the reason why we choose not to join.

Is Wheelzy A Legit and Reliable Car Buying Company?

What Is Wheelzy?

Wheelzy is another lead generation company for junk car buyers around the United States. The company is based out of Orlando, Florida, and have been in business since 2014. It doesn’t appear that the company has any tow drivers who work directly for the company. Instead, they outsource their junk car removal services to tow companies who sign-up to act as representatives of the car buying company.

When you fill out the quote form, your personal information is sent to their network of drivers who “bid”on your vehicle. As a Wheelzy partner, tow companies get to decide the price they want to pay for every car rather than offering true market value.

Who Is The Best Junk Car Buyer in Fort Lauderdale?

Wheelzy has a decent online reputation for being a junk car buying company nationwide, that doesn’t mean they are the best in the local Fort Lauderdale area. Junkyard Dog is the best junk car buying company in Broward county. Our customers love our service because we usually offer more cash for junk cars than Wheelzy and other local competitors.

Is Wheelzy Legit?

Yes, the company called Wheelzy is legit. You’ll find online reviews, both good and bad, about the junk car buying company online.

What may raise some concern is not seeing tow trucks with Wheelzy logos on them and this is due to the company outsourcing their car buying services. You don’t know who is coming to your home or business. Are you getting an experience and reliable tow driver or the exact opposite? Why take the risk of dealing with an unprofessional tow person who doesn’t have any loyalty to Wheelzy because they are not their employer.

Why You Should Call A Local Junk Car Buyer Instead

You know exactly who you are dealing with before you call a local junk car buyer. When you call Junkyard Dog, you know you are calling a trusted junk car buyer in Fort Lauderdale. We have tons of reviews from real people who live in South Florida.

How Long Does It Take To Sell My Car To Wheelzy?

Rumor has it the average time is 24 to 48 hours however based on actual Wheelzy customer reviews posted on websites like the BBB, not all transactions happen in the time frame mentioned on their website. Customers may be left waiting several days because Wheelzy does not have their own tow drivers and rely on a network of “buyer partners” who are basically freelance drivers for the company. It could be several days before your vehicle is picked up and you are paid.

Does Wheelzy Pay Cash?

It’s a bit confusing to answer this question as their website states they pay cash however payment by check is also mentioned. We’re guessing if you’re local to the Orlando area, you may get paid in cash or maybe not. Most companies that have the same business model like Wheelzy does, pay by check.

Where Can I Sell My Car Instantly?

Skip the wait and get cash for your vehicle same-day. Junkyard Dog will purchase your car, truck or SUV for cash today! We quote a cash price on the spot and usually pick up within a few hours.

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