It’s True: There is 100% Free Old Car Removal in Florida

People with old cars sitting on their property for months or years are often at a loss as to how to get rid of hundreds of pounds of metal in one go.

Some think they must put up with it, and as time passes, the junk car attracts dust, rust, and sometimes even vermin.

Luckily, there’s junk car removal Fort Lauderdale and surrounding cities that you can rely on. Companies like Junk Yard Dog are committed to helping you eliminate old junk cars while providing top cash for junk cars. So it’s possible to get top cash for junk cars in Boca Raton and get 100% free old car removal, too.



Why pay even a penny when you can call a reliable company like Junk Yard Dog for a junk car pickup on the same day? Services like Junk Yard Dog have expert, committed staff who can answer all your questions and arrange for a free Florida junk car pickup either at your home, place of business, or in a public area where you’d be comfortable meeting with us.


What’s the State of Vehicle Recycling in the US?

More than 10 million vehicles are relegated to the scrap heap each year. About 75% (by weight) of a car is made of metals that can be reused or recycled. The rest, including plastics, textiles, glass, and other nonmetallic items, is typically dumped in landfills and referred to as “auto shredder fluff.”

To increase the likelihood of collecting more nonmetallic material inputs, there is a growing focus on designing vehicles with recovery in mind, pressuring vehicle manufacturers to reduce toxic and hazardous elements in vehicles.


How to Prepare for Junking Your Car?

Each year, thousands of car owners struggle with finally letting go of their old cars. Unfortunately, many have difficulty picking up the phone to arrange a free junk car pickup because the idea of having a car finally recycled is like losing a good friend. You’ve probably driven thousands of miles on your old car, and we completely understand the sentiment. An old car is no exception if people can get completely attached to an old blanket or a set of vintage baseball cards. However, if you don’t get rid of your old junk car, it will cause more harm than good. Plus, the space it’s taking up now would likely be better used for another purpose than just space wasted on a heap of metal and auto fluff. Below are some ways to prepare for junking a car and calling for a free junk car pickup in Florida.


Let Yourself Be Emotional

Holding off those feelings of being attached to your old car is counterproductive. Instead, acknowledge that you feel bad about letting go of an old car, so you can emotionally and mentally move on from this small ordeal.

Trust us; it gets better over time. There’s a short grieving period for old cars that have done you so good over the year. The earlier you acknowledge that you’re grieving for an old pal, the faster you can decide that it’s time to move on. You can call us for a free junk car pickup and get fast, instant cash after providing some basic information about your car over the phone.


Give it a Good Clean

Before calling us for a free junk car pickup in Florida, you may wish to give your old pal a thorough cleaning. This may seem like a waste of time, but it will ultimately help you move on. Taking everything out of the car and giving it a thorough inside-out cleaning is an excellent way to clear the decks for a fresh start. Having nothing sentimental in your car can serve as a further emotional barrier-breaker. You need to remove personal belongings from your car, so it’s best to get a head start on this crucial start. The free junk car pickup will be 100% smooth and fast.


Go For a Final Drive If Possible

Is your old car still drivable? If you can still safely drive the car for a couple of miles, go ahead. If you’re safe and the car can hold up during the short trip, there’s nothing wrong with driving it for one final stretch. Call it sentimental, but many car owners want the feeling of finality and closure (as with most things) with their old cars. If one final drive makes you feel better, drive as soon as possible.


Choose the Right Salvage Yard in Florida

Leaving your car in reliable hands is a great way to release stress and move on with your life. Your best bet for getting your hands on fast cash is to sell your old car to a reputable junkyard. Then, you can rest assured that your car will be well cared for by its new owners.

You probably know the feeling of being so attached to your car that the thought of selling it for scrap seems inconceivable. However, if you follow the advice above, the change will be seamless. Moreover, it will get you in the mood to make new memories behind the wheel of your shiny new car.

Junk Yard Dog’s been helping car owners haul away their junk cars for years. We accept cars in all conditions, whether it’s still running or totaled. We also pay top cash for junk cars in South Florida and surrounding areas. So call us today if you have any questions at all. We aspire to be your number one choice for junk car removal in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and anywhere else you might be nearby.


Think of the Pluses of Letting Go of a Junk Car

It’s not practical to hold on to something forever. While you can technically leave the junk car on your property for decades, think of what that does instead of allowing your car to be recycled for the car industry. Your car will be reborn, either as part of a brand-new car or as part of other consumer goods that need metals and other essential parts recycled from your car.

You can get fast cash for your junk car, make room for something more practical, and relieve the stress of dealing with cars less often if you junk them. Furthermore, it is harmful to the environment to keep a junk car. Leaking fluids and tires that release toxins like lead during degradation can contaminate the ground and groundwater. Florida salvage yards recycle the vehicles’ usable components after they have been stripped for parts.

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