Need to Junk Your Vehicle? Get Advice from Junk Car Buyers in Boca Raton, FL

Cars become a headache when they start having too many expensive problems or they stop running altogether. In these cases, the best thing to do may be to simply junk the vehicle. If you know you have a junk vehicle that you want to get rid of, here’s some helpful advice from experienced junk car buyers in Boca Raton, FL.

Contact local junkyards

If you own a vehicle that no longer runs or needs too many costly repairs and you cannot sell it to a private party, you still have options—you can either dismantle the vehicle and sell the parts yourself, or sell the vehicle to a junkyard.

Once you realize you should junk your vehicle, the first thing you want to do is find a place to unload it. However, you need to know that requirements for junking vehicles vary by junkyard, just like DMV junk vehicle requirements vary by state. For this reason, most of the following advice is based around general guidelines for junking a vehicle:

  • Preparation: Individual vehicle junkyards will have their own preparation requirements. Find out if the junkyard will buy your vehicle as is and dismantle it themselves, or if they will pay more for you to pre-dismantle it. Also, some junkyards do not take tires and other non-metal materials. Verify whether they will take the vehicle with all its parts.
  • Required documentation: A junkyard may want to see proof of registration and the title. Contact your local DMV before handing this information over to a junkyard. We’ll discuss this more below.
  • Vehicle information: The junkyard will likely ask if the vehicle is operational, what parts (if any) are damaged and what its estimated value is, using a source like Kelley Blue Book.
  • Various proofs: In Florida, you can sell your junk car without producing a title, though a few guidelines apply. The vehicle has to be older than 10 model years, it must be worth less than $1,000, the seller gives a thumbprint and a copy of their driver’s license and the appropriate paperwork must be filled out.
  • Selling price: Shop around! Call a few junkyards and see what price they’ll offer. The one down the street might give you a fair price, while one slightly further away might offer to pay double.

Know DMV junk vehicle requirements

Each state has its own requirements for junking a vehicle, but here are a few of the most common:

  • Complete junk vehicle paperwork: This paperwork is often called a Damage Disclosure Statement, which is on the back of the title. The DMV can provide this paperwork in the event that it’s not.
  • Various proofs: Your local DMV will want to see the vehicle title and proof of registration. The junkyard may require this, too.
  • Other: Most states require junked car sellers to hand over the license plates. You may be able to keep them as a souvenir—ask your local DMV office.

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