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Are you saddled with a junk car in North Miami Beach, FL? Junkyard Dog serves North Miami Beach and all surrounding areas. We offer top cash for junk cars in North Miami Beach and a free junk car pickup service. Call us during business hours, and we will answer all your questions about your free junk car pickup in North Miami Beach and

We are North Miami Beach’s best salvage yard, and for many years we have offered the best rates to our customers. So when we say top cash for junk cars in North Miami Beach, FL, we mean it!

Don’t pay a penny for a junk car pickup service! When you call us, and we reach an agreement for your junk car, van, SUV, or even truck, you will get a free junk car pickup service from us.

Tell us where to meet you after. We can come around to your residence, or if you’re not comfortable with that, we can drive you to a place of business or a nearby public meetup point so we can cart away that junk vehicle for free. Junkyard Dog is 100% transparent with our process and pricing, as we want all our customers to have the absolute best experience with junking their car in North Miami Beach.

Junkyard Dog Buys Cars, Trucks and SUVs in North Miami Beach, FL

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Miramar Junk Car Removal

Junk Car Pickup North Miami Beach

Junkyard Dog endeavors to give our customers the most incredible experience. That means we must answer all your questions about junking a vehicle and how salvage yards or junkyards work in North Miami Beach.

Junkyard Dog has been supporting the automotive recycling industry for decades, and we know precisely what our customers need and how to provide it. We always put our customers first in all scenarios and ensure that the customer fully understands what they are getting before selling their junk car to us.

We are always interested in your junk car! Whether your junk car is running, partially running, totaled, or has been sitting on your driveway or yard for years, we can take it off your hands (and hair) so you can finally reclaim that vast space that the junk car’s been taking up for months or years. Junk cars aren’t helpful for anything (that’s why they’re called junk, right?), and these heaps of metal and fluff will only attract rodents and other unwanted tenants to your property. Wherever a junk car is placed, it attracts pests because it is the ideal habitat for many creatures.

Pests can cause significant damage to any vehicle regardless of whether you park it in the open air or a garage. During the colder months, rodents and insects will seek shelter in your vehicle for several reasons, including the engine’s warmth, safety from potential predators, and the abundance of wiring available for gnawing. A pest infestation in your car can expose you to harmful diseases like Hantavirus and cost you a lot of repairs.

Carpet beetles devour various materials, including carpets, wool, feathers, and dead insects. One of the most common types of bugs to invade a vehicle, carpet beetles, can also be found in attics or residences with wall-to-wall carpeting. During the winter, deer mice seek shelter in warm, dry places like garages, barns, or even vehicles. Likewise, Norway rats, like deer mice, may seek refuge in your vehicle over the winter.

Junk cars attract rodents and insects because they offer a safe harbor from the elements. Therefore, they will be protected from the elements and any potential predators while they are in your car.

Your junk car’s interior is rife with potential chewing targets, from the upholstery and wiring to the carpet. Mice and rats can enter your junk car through openings as small as a dime. Mice can squeeze through an aperture as small as a cent, but rats only need a quarter’s space.

Arrange a Pickup Location for Your Junk Car in North Miami Beach


  1. Customers can schedule the removal of their junk car whenever it is most convenient for them.
  2. SUVs, minivans, and semitrailers can all be sold for top cash for junk cars.
  3. Junkyard Dog will buy your vehicle regardless of whether you have the DMV title.
  4. Junkyard Dog is an authorized dealer (VW1088438-1).
  5. Do you have a junker parked at your place of work or residence? Just dial (954) 524-4606 to have it picked up.

Meetup Places In North Miami Beach, FL

Our staff understands if you do not want us to come to your home or place of employment to pick up your junk car.

Call (954) 524-4606 to schedule a time and place to meet you anywhere in Pembroke Park.

Junk Car Pickup in Broward County

Serving All of North Miami Beach

Your unwanted vehicle/junk car can be picked up from your home, garage, or place of business by Junkyard Dog. Another option is to meet in a public place like a mall parking lot. You can meet anywhere that is most comfortable and secure for you. Junkyard Dog understands if you’d prefer that we not visit your home.

Junkyard Dog’s expert crew never fails to show up when and where they say they will. As a result, you can expect absolutely no surprises from Junkyard Dog.

If you like, we can be there within an hour to tow away that junk car for free. We are adaptable and may arrange a pickup time that suits your schedule. We’ll make the necessary modifications while you sit back and take it easy, knowing that the experts at the junkyard have your back.


Call us immediately if you live in North Miami Beach and want to sell your trash automobile to us. We take pleasure in assisting our clients and hearing about their lives.

Junkyard Dog requires details about your junk vehicle to give you an instant price. When our crew arrives, we will gladly review the steps to remove your junk car.

You may be at a loss for what to do with the old, broken-down car taking up space in your garage or driveway. Of course, restoring and selling it on your own is feasible, but there are more benefits to calling us for junk car removal in North Miami Beach.

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