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Sell My Junk Car

Junkyard Dog Online is your one-stop shop for top cash for junk cars in North Miami. Do away with that old clunker on your driveway and finally reclaim the space you need for other uses. Junkyard Dog is an authorized dealer interested in buying junk cars in North Miami.

Our top salvage yard in North Miami buys cars, trucks, SUVs, and other junk vehicles, even without a DMV title. If the DMV title is missing, we’ll still help you sell your junk car. Junkyard Dog will help you with any paperwork.

All you must do is call us and discuss some details about the vehicle with our courteous staff, and once that is out of the way and we reach an agreement, you’ll also get a 100% free junk car pickup service in North Miami. Don’t pay a penny for towing; we will tow away the junk car utterly free from any location in North Miami. Tell us your schedule and when you want us to drive to your home or business. We can also meet with you at a public location if you wish. We understand that many of our customers are super busy, so it would also make sense that not all are ready to have their junk cars towed on the same day they call Junkyard Dog. This being the case, you can tell us which day is the most convenient for you so we can schedule the junk car removal service ahead of time.

Junkyard Dog prides itself in offering the best customer service, and we plan on doing so for many more years. Call Junkyard Dog today at (954) 524-4606, and let’s take care of your junk vehicle so you can get your space back and some nice cash for junk cars, too!

Junkyard Dog Buys Cars, Trucks and SUVs in North Miami

Call (954) 524-4606 For An Instant Cash Quote!

Free Same Day Pick-up!

Junk Car Pickup Service in North Miami

You can call Junkyard Dog without fear of rejection because we buy vehicles of every make and model. We have the best personnel of any North Miami junkyard. You can count on getting the absolute finest service possible when you call. We guarantee a quick appraisal of your junk car’s worth so you can arrange for its prompt removal.

Find it challenging to make morning plans because of work? Sure, no sweat. We at Junkyard Dog understand how hectic life can get, so we remove junk cars from your schedule and ask specifically where you’d like to meet us. Meeting at a place of business or employment is a preferred option for some people. If you prefer not to have the junk car hauled away from your residence, that’s alright.

North Miami Junk Car Removal



We will meet you anywhere and whenever you specify; you only have to tell us where. Can another time be scheduled for removal? Yes! We can remove the old car tomorrow or any other day this week if that works better for you. We’ll do what we can to make things work for you because we’re the best and take pride in satisfied clients.

Arrange a Pickup Location for Your Junk Car

  1.     Call Junkyard Dog today and tell us about your junk vehicle. We are interested in buying junk vehicles, from SUVs to trucks.
  2.     Junkyard Dog is an authorized dealer. We can help you buy your junk car even if you no longer have the DMV title.
  3.     Make sure to clear out personal belongings from your junk car before we come to pick them up free of charge.
  4.     Expect cold cash when we arrive. There will be no hidden fees, and what we discuss over the phone is what you will get.

Serving all of North Miami

North Miami is just one of the numerous places that can get assistance from Junkyard Dog. Trucks, vans, cars, and anything else that customers desire to have removed from their premises are regularly purchased by our expert junk car buyers in North Miami.

Junkyard Dog’s expert team is efficient and reliable, always showing up when we say we will. As a result, expect only the best customer service from Junkyard Dog! We recommend the following public junk car pickup spots at these locations:


Within the following hour, we will gladly drive to your location to tow away the unwanted vehicle. We are flexible and can work with your current schedule to arrange a pickup time that works best with your program. We’ll handle the modifications to the schedule so you can rest assured that the junkyard’s experts have your back every step of the way.

Call us now if you live in North Miami and want to sell your old junk car.

We take pride in our professionalism and friendliness and love meeting new people. Junkyard Dog will ask questions about your junk car to calculate an offer price quickly. We pay cash for trash cars at our salvage yard.

In addition, when our staff arrives at your location, we will be pleased to explain the entire process of removing junk cars so that you are prepared for what to expect.

If your junk car is taking up too much room in your garage or driveway and isn’t getting you anywhere, you might be at a loss as to what to do with it.

Call us if you have an old, malfunctioning car and live in our city.

You should call Junkyard Dog to haul away the old car that has been collecting dust on your property for years. You should give them a ring right away if this has happened. For what reason should residents of North Miami be expected to pay to have abandoned vehicles removed from their premises?

We will tow your old junk car free of charge, and we will pay you cash – right now – for your trouble. It’s easy to eliminate unwanted items; call, and we’ll explain the methods

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