Selling Your Car Online vs Finding a Junk Car Buyer

Like other car owners, you regard your vehicle as more than just an object, a thing that gets you from point A to point B. You might have given it a clever name, and you might even take it to the mechanic more than you schedule medical checkups for yourself! Unfortunately, your old car is slowing down and the time has come to replace it. But instead of trying to sell it for parts to a private party, consider looking into selling it as-is to a junk car buyer for cash.

Selling Car Online vs Finding a Junk Car Buyer

Which option is best: selling your car online, or looking into wrecked vehicle buyers?

Hold off on selling it online for the moment—let’s talk more about the benefits of junking your old vehicle.

Get Cash Instantly For Your Used Vehicle

If you’ve ever posted something to sell online, then you can figure out how to post your car for sale. However, posting a car online takes time up front, and the post requires monitoring. Potential buyers will have questions (even if the info is already provided in the ad), request more photos and want to drive it, not to mention want to haggle over your asking price. Finding a buyer could take days, or even weeks, unless you have a vehicle that is in high demand.

Your other option is to call a local junk car buyer, a reputable company that will give you cash for your car. Some offer free pickup and towing, or you can bring the car to their junkyard.

Get More Money For Your Car, Truck or SUV

As mentioned above, unless you’re selling an in-demand vehicle, people are going to lowball you. But not junk car buyers! The amount both parties agree upon is what you go home with that day. Even better is that most junkyards take cars in any condition—running, broken down or totally busted—because they are typically only after the scrap metal and usable car parts to resell. And while it’s possible to get a little more money selling online, do you really want to pay posting fees and deal with haggling and meetups?

Save Time and Money By Selling It For Cash

The private party selling process is time-consuming, and can create unrealistic expectations in buyers’ minds. For example, even though you’ve included an incredibly detailed description of the car in your post, people will still find ways to expect something different. Selling online means you’ll need to spend time making the car presentable. You’ll have to clean it inside and out, take flattering pictures, keep in communication with all interested parties, schedule test drives, schedule inspections and more. If you want to save time and get fast cash, find a reputable junk car company to do business with.

Avoid Online Car Buyer Scams

While there are honest people online, there are also plenty who are not. Just about every selling website attracts scammers, so protect yourself if that is the avenue you choose. To avoid scams at the junkyard, do thorough research, ask questions and get everything in writing.

Got a junk car? Call Junkyard Dog! We are the go-to wrecked vehicle buyers in Broward County, FL, and we look forward to checking out your vehicle soon!

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