December 26, 2017

"After calling another junkyard service that was beyond late and never called me to let me know, made a huge inconvenience for me, I contacted Junkyard Dog. I spoke with a guy named Karl. Karl was very professional and made sure that he didn't make an inconvenience for me. We scheduled a time together on the phone and the driver named Houston gave me a heads up to let me know how far he was to where I needed my car to be picked up. Karl also gave me a call to let me know the driver was on his way. I was paid what Karl has said he was gonna pay. I was very pleased with the service because I like to know ahead of time so everything runs smoothly. I will definitely choose this service again."
November 20, 2017

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"These guy's are the sweetest pack of junk yard dogs I've ever dealt with. If I ever have another car to junk these guy's are the only one's I will call. Very professional. Thanks Carl and Walter."
November 15, 2017

"Talked to Carl/Karl...not sure of the spelling :( about picking up my 2005 VW Beetle, he was very pleasant and courteous...We even talked about Patrick Swaze movies, what a cool guy Carl. is. I made my appt. and right on time this beautiful truck pulled up to take my inoperable car away. The driver Houston...was a sweet man and walked me through all the paperwork, he was fast and efficient, although he doesn't like VW Beetles...LoL I would totally recommend JUNK YARD DOG to anyone. A 5 star review was not enough I give him 10 stars. Thanks guys for an easy transition and I have pictures to post on your Facebook page which I will do. Have a great day and again, i'm glad I know "Who Let The Dogs Out" Lynne Hendricks"
August 21, 2017

"Great and fast service! They gave me the best price after a long search. No hustling like I experienced with other places. I talked to Karl and he came to check out my car and gave me even more then the original quote! They were very helpful and professional. Definitely would recommend Junkyard Dog."
August 21, 2017

"Karl and Rick were very friendly and got me more money for my Corolla than anyone else offered. Thank you guys for your help!"