Tips for Junking Your Vehicles for Cash

If you’ve never scrapped a vehicle before, you might find it a little intimidating to shop around to get the best prices. Fortunately, at Junkyard Dog, we make the process as smooth and easy as possible for all our vehicle sellers.

If you want to maximize what you can get out of a sale and make that transaction go as smoothly as possible, here are a few tips from our wrecked vehicle buyers in Fort Lauderdale, FL that you should keep in mind:

  • Remove all personal belongings: We get it—cars have a tendency to accumulate items over time. You might not even realize just how much stuff you have in your car, including your trunk, backseat and glove compartment. While it might be tempting to leave items you don’t want inside your vehicle, this can actually cause problems with the sale. The salvage yard will probably not want to handle all those extra items. For this reason, you should spend some time going through your vehicle in detail to make sure everything that isn’t actually a part of the car has been removed. Once you hand the vehicle over, you’ll never have another chance to get it back.
  • Prepare the title: You will need to return your license plates and cancel the insurance policy you have on the vehicle. Most importantly, you must transfer ownership of your vehicle to the junkyard. While you can technically sell your vehicle without a title, the process of doing so will be much more difficult. Plus, any junkyard that is willing to take your vehicle without a title might not be particularly reputable. If you didn’t transfer ownership of your vehicle, you could still be liable for the vehicle even after it’s been taken away.
  • Take individual parts to sell: You must turn the vehicle over to the junkyard in the condition you described it. However, before reaching an agreement with the junkyard, you are allowed to remove some of the more valuable components, such as tires, electronic gear, the battery and other components. The junkyard should be aware you are taking these parts and have the opportunity to adjust the purchase price accordingly.
  • Take your license plates: Remove the license plates from your vehicle before it’s taken away. A lot of times you are required to return these plates to the Department of Motor Vehicles to cancel your registration. You might also be able to save those license plates for use on a different vehicle.
  • Use all gasoline: If your vehicle still runs before you send it to the junkyard, you might want to either siphon off your gasoline or use it all up. The junkyard will have to drain all the fluids out of your vehicle anyway, so you may as well use that gas and spare them some of the nuisance.

For more tips about selling a car to a junkyard, reach out to the wrecked vehicle buyers in Fort Lauderdale, FL at Junkyard Dog today with your questions.

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