Steps to Take Before You Sell Your Junk Car

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If you’re considering selling your junk car or are in the process of getting quotes from junkyards, then you’ll want to be sure your vehicle is prepared for the transaction. Whether you’re having the car picked up or you plan on dropping it off, you’ll want to ensure it’s a speedy process. To do this, there are specific measures you’ll want to take. While researching junk car buyers in Fort Lauderdale, FL, consider taking these steps before bringing your car to the junkyard.

Use Up Your Gas

If your car is still running, you will want to use up the gasoline that’s in your tank before completing the sale. Likely you won’t receive the value of the gas, so it’s better to use it up or siphon it. If your vehicle isn’t running, then your only choice will be to siphon the gas. This process can only be done safely when it’s performed with the proper equipment—which doesn’t involve sucking it out with your mouth!

Clean Out Your Belongings

Likely if you’ve owned your car for a while, then you’ve probably accumulated a lot of things that have taken over your glove box, back seat and trunk. In order to speed along the selling process, you’ll want to clean out your car long before the transaction is set to take place. This includes all of your personal belongings and garbage. Additionally, you’ll want to remove any valuable upgrades that you made over the years, such as a CD player, stereo speakers, GPS or expensive rims. These items would be better off sold separately or saved to use in your next vehicle.

Remove Expensive Parts

If you’re selling your car for scraps, then there may be a few parts that you can remove to sell separately and make more money. Many people will replace their valuable tires with older, balding ones before the car is scrapped. If you’re handy, you may be able to also remove the vehicle’s windshield wipers, bumper, airbags, battery or air conditioning to sell individually. Some people will even go as far as removing the motor oil for reuse. When you’re junking your car, these are things to consider if you’re in need of cash.

Remove Your License Plates

Most likely you’ll need to turn in your license plates to the DMV to cancel your registration and your insurance. In order to prevent a delay in the transaction with the junkyard, you’ll want to remove your license plates as soon as you’ve finalized the sale. This is especially important if your car isn’t running and it’s going to be picked up, as the tow truck driver may not be available to work around your schedule. Having the vehicle cleaned out and ready for pickup will allow the tow truck to take the car when they’re available and can help speed things along.

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