What’s a Junk Car, and How Can I Turn It Into Cash?

Getting cash for your old, beat up, barely running vehicle is done by selling it to a junk car buyer. Dealerships do not want your junk car as a trade-in. There is no value in it for them as they will just turn around and call a wrecker to come get it. The trade-in value the dealership will offer you for junk cars will always be less than the cash amount junk car buyers will give you. Read on for a basic rundown of why your car is considered “junk” and how you can make money from it.

Get The Most Cash For Your Junk Car

Junkyards Pay Cash For Junk Cars

If you have a junk car, you can look into a variety of options, including trying to sell it online or for parts. However, it’s often easiest to sell your car to a junkyard for cash.

What is a Junk Car?

Have you ever heard someone refer to a car as “totaled,” perhaps your insurance company after you got into a large accident? If so, you’ve stumbled upon the first way in which cars officially become “junk.” A totaled car is one where the cost of repairs would be more than the car is worth. Though you can just pay more money to fix the car, it’s usually not worth it because totaled cars are more costly to insure, hard to sell to someone else and often suffer future repairs.

Another type of junk car is a vehicle labeled “end-of-life vehicle” (ELV). These ELVs gain this designation when they are either really dilapidated due to age and wear or have sat doing nothing for such a long time that they are practically abandoned.

Environmental Benefits of Selling Your Car For Cash

Selling to a junkyard is beneficial because you can make some quick cash, and because you’re helping the environment by doing that. Junkyards make their money by tapping into the recycling business. First, they break the car down into its different components. The stripping process can provide parts that are simply reused if they’re in good condition—like seats, windows and engines—or that are repurposed. On top of this, cars are made from lots of steel, and about one quarter of the steel used to make new cars in the United States comes from recycled steel.

You can feel great about how you’re contributing to a recycling program when junking your old vehicle, but what feels the best is walking away from the deal with actual cash.

Junkyard Dog Buys Junk Cars For Cash in Florida

While shopping for a junkyard, make sure you read reviews and find ones that are open about pricing and do not charge you for a tow. There’s no doubt that you’ll work with only the best when you have Junkyard Dog help you with your junk car removal in South Florida. One call to our company can let you know just how much you will gain from having us take your junk vehicle off your hands.

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