Five Things to Say to Convince Junk Car Owners to Sell Us Their Cars

We all seem to have at least one friend who always has a junky-looking car in their driveway, or even in their yard. While some people may have a sentimental value attached to their junk car, many do not. Those who have no intention of doing anything with their beat up old clunker, our junker wants it and we’ll tell you what to say to convince someone to sell their car, truck or SUV.

Things To Say To Someone To Convince Them To Sell Their Junk Car

Two of the most common excuses for keeping the old car around are usually that they’re going to restore it, or that the car is a classic and they can’t bear to sell it. More often than not, the owner is never going to get around to restoring it, and it’s probably only a “classic” in the eye of the beholder. After all, who would let a classic car rust away outside of their home?

Hopefully at least one of these tactics works to convince your friend or relative to sell us their junk car.

You don’t have the time or never will restore it

It may be hard to break it to your friend, but you have to let him know that the odds of him actually restoring the junk car are extremely low. Restoring any vehicle, particularly an older car, is extremely difficult for novices. In addition, it takes a lot of time and even more money to accomplish. Tell your friend to cut his losses and get cash up front for his junk car.

You don’t or can’t drive the vehicle

Unless you’re a collector, the only reason to own a car is to drive it. If your friend’s junk car has been sitting in his driveway for years and years, he’s probably not planning on driving it anytime soon. We’ll pick up any vehicle and tow it to our lot, free of charge.

It’s taking up too much parking space

Assuming that your friend doesn’t drive the car and it’s just sitting in their driveway or garage, it’s just taking up space. They could use the area in their garage for a number of things, like a functioning car or for extra storage. Be sure to point out that his driveway can also be used to park another car!

It looks bad sitting in the driveway

Hopefully the junk car owner isn’t your neighbor; old, bad-looking cars are serious eyesores. If the car is old and gross enough, you may even find yourself avoiding looking out of your windows! If your homeowner’s association hasn’t already told your neighbor to get rid of the car, let him know that we’re paying top dollar when we offer cash for junk cars in Broward County, FL. Turning down a stack of cash can be pretty difficult.

Nobody else wants to buy it

Maybe your friend wants to get rid of his junk car, but doesn’t know what to do with it. Finding someone to take a junk a car (let alone buy it) can be difficult, if not impossible. Regardless of their condition, we’re always looking to buy junk cars!

If you’re tired of looking at the beat-up car, tell that “collector” that we pay cash for junk cars in the Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton area. You won’t find any other junk car buyer in the local area willing to pay as much for a junk car as Junkyard Dog!

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