Sell My Car For Cash Today

Selling your used vehicle for cash same-day is possible in South Florida. To get cash for your used car, truck, SUV or van, you’ll want to figure out who can pay you the most money today. Since running cars with minimal body damage can be resold, you have a few options for getting rid of vehicle however if you need to sell the car today.

Selling same-day does limit the number of buyers who are not only willing to purchase it today but also have the ability to pay you cash on the spot. Due to this reason, you may want to consider calling a professional junk car removal company.

Sell My Car For Cash Today

What’s The Best Way To Sell a Used Car?

Is a dealership the best place to sell your vehicle near you? Should you consider selling it through private sale? Or should you sell it to a used car buyer like Junkyard Dog? It all depends on how quickly you want or need cash from the sale of your vehicle.

The other factor to keep in mind is how much cash you can walk away with after selling your vehicle. Newer vehicles, especially those in high demand like Toyota and Honda, hold their value where as late model vehicles that are 10 years or older, are only worth their weight.

Is It Worth Selling Your Car To A Dealership

If your vehicle is less than 6 years old and in decent condition, could get you a significant amount from a dealership if used for a trade-in to purchase another vehicle. You may even have some room to negotiate a higher payment amount to off-set some of the cost of new vehicle you’re considering buying.

For cars, trucks, SUVs and vans that you just want to sell to get rid of, a dealership is probably not the best option for you. Car dealers prefer to sell a vehicle at the same time they make an offer. While automotive dealerships like Carmax buys vehicles with no obligation to purchase another car from them, the final offer could be hundreds of dollars under the amount you could get through a private sale or selling it to an experienced car buying company like Junkyard Dog.

Sell My Car From Home

You don’t have to leave home to sell your vehicle in South Florida. Almost all car buying companies will arrange tow pick-up of your vehicle after you accept their offer to buy it. If you need to sell your car today, give us a call. We’ll give you a cash offer today and we’ll pick it up same day.

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