Sell Your Totaled Car For Cash In Fort Lauderdale

When you’ve got a totaled car in Fort Lauderdale that’s been in an accident and it’s just too damaged for you to repair it, you can get some cash for it by selling it to a local junkyard. But before you make that sales transaction, there are certain steps you should take to ensure you’re getting the best cash offer for your totaled vehicle.

Sell Your Totaled Car For Cash In Fort Lauderdale

Sell Your Wrecked Car to a Fort Lauderdale Junkyard

Junkyards in Fort Lauderdale are constantly needing wrecked vehicles to pull parts for resale. Selling your wrecked vehicle to a junkyard will get your fair market value for your damaged vehicle whereas allowing your insurance company to salvage the vehicle may not result in getting the most available cash for it. Junkyards typically pay a little extra for vehicles that are in demand for parts like Honda, Toyota and Mazda.

Wrecked Car Buyers

Not all car buyers will buy a wrecked vehicle. Dealerships will give you a hard pass on attempting to sell your wrecked vehicle as a trade-in. Auto dealers will usually outright refuse to give you an offer for it as they can not make a profit from the damaged car, truck or SUV.

Instead, you’ll need to find a junk car buyer like Junkyard Dog who will buy a wrecked vehicle. We buy cars in any condition, even if the vehicle is no longer recognizable and completely banged up. We don’t need an intact vehicle to make a cash offer to buy it.

Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Damaged Vehicle:

  • Remove any personal items
  • Arrange a title transfer
  • Sell valuable parts
  • Take off the license plates
  • Use up your gas

Where Can I Sell My Wrecked Car?

The best place to sell your wrecked car is from the comfort of your home. There is absolutely no reason why you should have to drive or have to pay to have your vehicle towed to a junkyard to sell it. Our junk car buying company will save you a lot of time and effort by making arrangements with you to pick it up from your home or storge facility. We’ll even go pick it up at another tow company if you accept our top-dollar cash offer.

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