Selling A Vehicle That Has Been Damaged In An Accident

Being involved in a car accident is hard because you have to deal with the aftermath. Selling a damaged vehicle after it has been wrecked shouldn’t be difficult. Thousands of people in the Fort Lauderdale area dispose of unwanted and damaged vehicles by selling them privately to interested parties. There are many car buyers and wreckers who will pay you for your damaged car, truck or SUV.

How Do You Sell a Wrecked Vehicle?

Making the decision to sell your vehicle after a car accident shouldn’t be complicated. The first step is get offers. The next is to decide who to sell it to:

  • Private Buyer
  • Your Insurance Company
  • Local Junkyard
  • Junk Car Buyer

How Much Is My Wrecked Car Worth?

Monetary offers will vary. To get the most money for your damaged car, you should call car buyers who specialize in junk cars. When selling to a junk car buyer, you will have to provide a detailed description of your vehicle along with any other information the wrecker asks. Make sure you are thorough and honest, so the cash offer quoted is accurate. Though it’s rare, sometimes the offer is lowered if the information provided doesn’t match the vehicle’s condition. One example why you may receive a low cash offer, the catalytic converter has been removed.

Sell Your Damaged Car To Junkyards

Junkyards are happy to purchase your damaged vehicle. They will recycle or resell parts that are still functioning. Junkyards also properly dispose of any remaining car pieces that can’t be recycled or sold.

Some reasons why it’s better to sell your vehicle to a junkyard:

  • Offering the best cash value for your vehicle.
  • Paying you cash on the spot. No waiting for a check or wire transfer.
  • Responding quickly and efficiently with 1-hour rapid pickups or scheduled appointments

Can I Sell An Undrivable Vehicle?

Absolutely! Even if you can’t drive your vehicle, there may be parts that are still operational and can be salvaged and re-sold or recycled. Vehicles that have mechanical failures or damage that prevents the driving from being driven, it still contains many salvageable parts. Junkyards and junk car buyers will strip everything from working engine parts and electronics to suspension and wheels.

Selling a Car With Body Damage

Sometimes an accident leaves a vehicle with damage that is too costly to repair. There is almost always some value in a vehicle, no matter how badly damaged the body is. Most vehicles that have been in an accident only have damage where the impact took place. The wrecked vehicle will still have usable exterior panels, bumpers and windows that can be reused and resold.

Sell Your Vehicle To An Auto Wrecker

If accident damage is too costly to repair, an auto wrecker who specializes in buying wrecked cars is your best option. Not only will they remove the vehicle for you, but they’ll offer you top dollar–in cash–on the spot. Call the premiere vehicle buyer, Junkyard Dog in Fort Lauderdale, FL, at (954) 524-4606 to schedule an appointment.

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