Tips for Spotting a Junk Car Scammer

So, you finally bought yourself a new car, and it’s a car that actually works and is a reliable mode of transportation. Now, what to do with your old one? If you can’t sell it as a safe, operational used vehicle, but you don’t want to trash it, consider selling it to a junk yard for cash! Most all vehicles have salvage value left in them at the end, even if it’s not more than a few thousand dollars. In fact, some serious junk car companies will come to you, pay you cash and tow your junk vehicle to their lot.

However, it’s important to beware of scams when working with junk car buyers. If you want to get cash for junk cars in Fort Lauderdale, FL, but don’t know where to start, read on. Let’s start with some tips for spotting—and avoiding—a junk car scammer.

The bait and switch scam

Topping the list of junk car scams is something called the bait and switch. In a typical business process, a junk car purchase and removal company will assess your vehicle and give you an estimate. This estimate can also come from information the owner of the vehicle provides to the company about the condition of the car. As experts, the estimated price should be exactly what they pay you in person for your car when they come pick it up. A provider of junk car removal that decides to offer much less than the original quote is likely trying to scam you. Don’t feel pressured to sell to them—it’s best to take your business elsewhere.

The pay by check scam

No matter what, always get paid on the spot for your junk vehicle, and in cash. Cash ensures you go home with the amount you and the junk company initially agreed upon—no money, no exchange!

With this in mind, understand that getting paid by written check is not wrong. But what’s suspicious is if the junk car buyer asks to write the check for more, then has you refund the difference. This is a huge red flag. Since it’s difficult for these types of checks to clear the bank, you’ll be stuck paying funds and fees when the check bounces. It’s important to note that your bank will likely hold you responsible, even though the check is fraudulent.

The lost title scam

Even though you’re selling your vehicle to a junk car buyer, you still have to transfer the ownership of the vehicle. Make sure you transfer the title and registration properly—otherwise, you could end up with all sorts of vehicle violations in the mail, like parking tickets and road toll fees. It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is no longer in your possession. This will happen because the ownership documentation still names you as the owner. Choosing a reputable junk car buying company is the best way to avoid a whole host of problems.

Here at Junkyard Dog, we pay cash for junk cars in Fort Lauderdale, FL, right there on the spot. Contact our team today to learn more about the junk car buying and selling process!

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