Tips to Get Quick Cash for Vehicles in Davie, FL

Is your car ready for the junk pile? Do you need some quick cash? You’re in the perfect spot to retire your vehicle and make some fast money at the same time. How? Use the following tips to get cash for vehicles in Davie, FL. By completing these steps, you can avoid common mistakes and get the best price for your vehicle.

Prove Ownership

Of course, no one can buy your car from you if you can’t establish that it’s yours. Do you have the title to the vehicle? If not, get it. You should have the paperwork in order that shows your name as the owner of the vehicle. Then, you can approach a scrap or salvage yard about purchasing it.

Determine Price

What is the value of your vehicle? This number is not based on your emotional attachment to the car or how much money you need. Look up the Blue Book value of the vehicle. Assess the current condition of the vehicle. Be prepared with information to answer any questions from the buyer, such as what damage the car has, its engine condition, any problems it has and more. If the car isn’t currently drivable, consider making repairs so that it is. You’ll get more cash for a vehicle in Davie, FL if you can drive it to the lot than if it must be towed to its destination or picked up by the salvage yard.

Shop Around

Contact local junkyards to find out what they will give you for your vehicle. Don’t forget to contact those in nearby cities. It’s possible the junkyard a bit farther away will give you enough to make it worth the drive. Compare several before you decide to sell. This will ensure you are getting a fair price—and the best price.

Make the Sale

As mentioned, you’ll probably get more for the vehicle if you can deliver it yourself. The salvage yard typically pays less if they have to bring it in. With that in mind, deliver or tow the car to its sale destination yourself. Don’t forget to bring the title with you when you go!

Avoid Illegal Moves

As you move through this process, it might be tempting to try a few tactics car owners sometimes attempt in an effort to get more cash for vehicles in Davie, FL. A common illegal act is mileage tampering. Never tamper with the mileage on the vehicle. It is what it is. You should also be familiar with the lemon laws in your area. These regulate pricing and selling and are particularly important if you decide to sell your car to an individual rather than a salvage yard.

Get Quick Cash

Are you ready to turn your junk car into cash? To get the most cash for vehicles in Davie, FL, contact the professionals at Junkyard Dog. We welcome all makes and models. Our staff will help you with any necessary paperwork to make your transaction quick and smooth. We can even work with you if you can’t find your title!

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