Who Buys Ugly Junk Cars in Fort Lauderdale

Own an ugly beat up vehicle and no one wants to buy it? You’re trying to sell it to the wrong people. Junkyards and junk car buyers in South Florida buy ugly cars all the time. Just because a vehicle doesn’t look great anymore, it doesn’t mean there is no value in it. Lots of ugly cars, trucks and SUVs are dismantled and the “pretty” parts are reused or sold.

Who Buys Ugly Cars?

Why Do People Buy Ugly Vehicles?

The most common reasons why someone would want to buy an ugly vehicle is to part it out. The exterior and interior of vehicle doesn’t matter if the engine and other mechanical components are in good condition. Lots of vehicles can be ugly to look at but they still work and run great.

Another reason why people buy ugly cars is to recycle them for scrap metal. Local scrappers pay top dollar for metal and steel. Ugly vehicles can be crushed and sold by weight to recycling facilities where the vehicles are properly disposed of.

Ugly Car Buyers In Fort Lauderdale

Get the most money for your ugly vehicle from a local car buyer in Fort Lauderdale. Just because your car, truck, SUV or van is no longer attractive, there is always someone who needs or wants the same make and model vehicle you have as a salvage vehicle. Many mechanics will buy an ugly junk car for $500 to repair a similar vehicle. It’s much cheaper to pull parts from a used vehicle than it is to buy new parts.

We Buy Ugly Cars

Junkyard Dog buys ugly cars in South Florida. We don’t care how ugly it is. Paint job looks awful? That’s OK, we’ll buy it. The interior of the vehicle is dirty and torn up? No problem, we still want it. Is the car falling apart and rusty? No worries, we’ll pay you cash for it.


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