Before You Say “Sell My Junk Car” in Coral Springs, FL, Complete This Checklist

If you are at the point where you must say “sell my junk car!” in Coral Springs, FL, there are a few things you must complete first before you ask us to travel to your vehicle and pick it up. Taking these steps assures a smooth transaction that is convenient for you. Here are five tasks to finish before you call us for a tow:

  • Remove belongings: Your car has likely accumulated stuff over the years. This can include clothing items, toys and other things that built up over time. You may also have items that remain useful for the next car, like roadside emergency kits, jumper cables and window squeegees and scrapers. Your tire pressure gauge may be hiding under paperwork in your glove box, and one day, you will want it and realize it is gone forever. General roadside tools are easy to overlook because you do not use them every day, yet they are expensive to replace and could be moved to your next car. Make sure you check every nook and cranny to remove all you need. If you realize you left something behind and call us to retrieve it, there is no guarantee that you will be able to get that item back.
  • Cancel insurance: Once you transfer title to us, you no longer need to insure your vehicle. Our business insurance will kick in and you will not be held liable for damages. The sooner you do this, the more money you will save.
  • Find the title and registration: We can pick up vehicles even if you lost the title, but it slows down the transaction. You will have a much smoother experience with offloading an unwanted vehicle if you have the title and registration in order. Take a good look through your files before assuming the title is lost. You may even want to visit the DMV for a title replacement. Having all this prepared makes things easier on us and gets you cash quicker. The effort will pay off.
  • Consider parting out the car: There are components that will get you more money if you sell them out separately. For example, if your vehicle has expensive rims and tires with good tread, switch them out for something basic. You can sell the rims and tires on Craigslist for more than you would expect. The same is true if you installed stereos or GPS systems that could transfer easily to another vehicle. It is understandable if you do not wish to make this effort, but if you have the skills and connections to do this, take advantage of the chance for even more extra cash.
  • Empty the gas tank: If your car still runs, use up the gas before we pick it up. The amount of fuel still in your car can result in a higher price, but that can be offset by efforts needed to remove it. The best use for it is to fuel other vehicles. If your car does not run, be careful siphoning it from the tank. Never start the siphon using your mouth and take precautions against spilling.

Are you at the point where you’re saying “sell my junk car” in Coral Springs, FL? If so, call Junkyard Dog and arrange for us to pick it up and pay you cash!

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