Cash For Junk Cars With Title

Selling a vehicle with a title is much easier than not having a title if you’re trying to sell it privately or plan to trade your vehicle in to a dealership. In Florida, you have to have a copy of the title to sell a vehicle, unless it is to a junk car buyer who can easily handle the paperwork needed to legally salvage the vehicle.

When you have a copy of the vehicle’s title available, you can easily sign over ownership to the buyer. The title is used to transfer the vehicle from your name to the new owner.

Cash For Junk Cars With Title

Can I Get More Cash For My Car With Title Than Without?

If you’re wondering if you can get more money for your vehicle if you have the copy of the title available, the answer is both yes and no, depending on the current condition of the vehicle.

Newer vehicles that have no or minimal damage or wear have a much higher selling value than junk vehicles do. In order to get top-dollar for your used vehicle with a title, you’ll need to have a copy of the title available when it is time to sell and pass ownership to the buyer. A copy of the title is required by law to change the owner from one person to another when the vehicle is sold. If you do not have a copy of the title, you will need to order one from your local clerk’s office where vehicle titles and registration is renewed.

Older junk vehicles that no longer run or have extensive body damage may not need you to have a copy of the title, however if you do, you’ll make the entire sales process easier for everyone. While our company has a no title, no problem policy, we recommend that you keep a copy of your vehicle’s title in a safe place where you can find it.

Cash For Cars With Title

Selling you car, truck, van or SUV with a title will get you fast cash in your pocket if you’re selling to a junk car buying company like Junkyard Dog. Vehicles less than 10 years old that are in driving condition can fetch you top-dollar with a title. You don’t necessarily have to sell your car to a junk car buyer because you have a copy of the title in hand. Many times selling a vehicle through private sale will get you more cash than selling to a  junker. Junk car buyers price vehicles based on current market value which changes on a daily basis.

Top Pay For Cars With a Title

If your vehicle is good condition, sell it privately to get the most money for it. You can also consider trading in your car to a dealership to get fair market value that you can use as a down-payment on your next vehicle purchase however you may want to refrain from just selling them the vehicle as dealer’s prefer to do a trade-in over buying used vehicles.

For junk vehicles that have issues and no one wanting to buy them, your best option is to call a junk car buying company like ours. We will provide you with a cash offer and arrange for pickup same-day in South Florida.

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