Sell Your Salvage Car

When it comes times to sell your salvage car, two of the most common ways are to either sell it online to a private buyer or to a junk car buying company who will salvage usable parts and dispose of the remainder by recycling the metals and plastics. To sell quickly, call a salvage car removal company who will pay you a fair market value for your scrap vehicle.

Sell Your Salvage Car

Salvage Yard The Buys Cars

Most local junk car buyers work with salvage yards that have a high demand for damaged or non-working vehicles. In South Florida, you’ll only find a handful of salvage yards to begin with and only a small portion of them will buy a vehicle from a person selling it directly to them. Instead, many salvage yards prefer to buy junk vehicles directly from automotive auction or from cash for junk cars tow companies.

Auto Salvage “Near Me”

Searching for “auto salvage near me” in Google will land on our website. Junkyard Dog buys junk cars, trucks, SUVs and vans is located in Broward County which allows us to pay cash and pick up vehicles same-day. We have been salvaging vehicles in South Florida for over 10 years and one of the most trusted auto salvage companies in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Salvage Car Pickup Service

Selling your junk vehicle is quick, easy and painless because you can call a company that provides salvage car pick up services. While national companies like Peddle and Wheelzy are popular, they can take several days to get you paid and it’s usually by check, not cash.

Junkyard Dog pays cash for every vehicle we buy. We also provide same-day pick up service of salvage vehicles to get them off your property quickly. There is no need to wait to get paid when our company can be at your location within an hour of you calling.

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