Do Dealerships in Florida Buy Junk Cars For Cash?

Car dealerships are primarily in the business of selling cars, not buying them. Deale profits are made from the sale of vehicles which means they buy used cars, trucks and SUVs at auctions for the cheapest amount possible.

Buying used cars from consumers outright without a new vehicle purchase attached to the deal is not a lucrative sales opportunity for the dealership as they are spending money and not making any. Sure, dealers advertise they want to buy your car, and they will; however, that doesn’t mean you’ll get the most money for it. Junk cars have little value as they can’t resell them, so your best option for getting rid of them is to call a local junk car buyer like Junkyard Dog.

Do Dealerships in Florida Buy Junk Cars For Cash?

If you have attempted to get quick cash by selling your junk car to a dealership you’ll quickly find out that most are not interested in buying it at all. The dealers who may buy it will give you the bare minimum which is usually less than a junk car buyer will give you. Ask yourself, do you want $200 for your junk car from a dealership or $500 from a junk car buyer? We assume the latter.

Dealerships Want Trade-ins

New models or vehicles that are in good condition and still running properly are the cars that dealerships want. Dealers much prefer taking a vehicle on a trade-in rather than paying the seller directly. They do this because it produces a larger profit margin for them as they usually lowball the trade-in amount. You have every right to decline their offer.

Why Car Dealers Don’t Want To Buy Junk Cars

Gently used vehicles that a dealership can resell produce a bigger profit for dealerships than a brand new vehicle with 0 miles. This is the reason why they are reluctant to make an offer on a junk car that does not run or has issues. Dealerships are not in the business of junking cars meaning they don’t have staff to handle salvaging vehicles while running a car sales business.

Should I Sell My Used Car To A Dealership?

If you are considering selling your junk car to a car dealer, don’t. Vehicles with body damage, engine and other mechanical issues are of no interest to the car dealerships. It’s just junk to them whereas a junk vehicle is seen as a valuable object to wreckers who recycle cars. To get the most money for your used car, call a junk car buyer first. You may be surprised to find out they’ll offer you more cash for your used or junk car than a dealership will.

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