What Is The Difference Between a Salvage Title and a Rebuilt Title?

To better understand the differences between a salvaged title and a rebuilt title, we need to explain what a clean title is. When you purchase a vehicle, whether brand new or used, from a dealership and even through a private sale, it requires a clean title to transfer vehicle ownership to your name. A clean title also allows you to register your vehicle with the state to get a license plate and drive it around.

Vehicles with a salvage title can not be registered in the state as they have been officially labeled undrivable. For the car, truck or SUV to return to the road, it needs to be fixed before you can file to have a rebuilt title issued to drive it again legally.

What Is The Difference Between a Salvage Title and a Rebuilt Title?

Wrecked cars are salvaged and sent to recycling facilities. One of the most common reasons a vehicle ends up with a salvaged title is an insurance company claiming it is a total loss after an accident. The other reason why a car will end up with a salvage title is when you sell it to a junk car buyer. When you sell your car for cash and turn over your vehicle, the junk car buyer will officially file the necessary paperwork to salvage the vehicle.

What Is a Salvage Title?

A salvaged title is an official state document that shows a vehicle has been deemed a total loss due to damage. Insurance companies who have filed an accident claim or junk car wrecking companies who purchased it for cash file most salvage titles in Florida. Car owners who want to part out an old vehicle they own to fix another should also file a salvage title with the state.

What Is a Rebuilt Title?

The simple answer is that rebuilt titles used to be salvage titles. To turn a salvage title into a rebuilt title, the vehicle that the title belongs to needs to be refurbished and fixed. Only the DMV can deem the vehicle is safe to drive on public roads, and the car, truck or SUV will need to pass an inspection to ensure it’s back in good working condition, which also requires showing receipts for repairs. If the vehicle passes the test, the salvage title will be changed to a rebuilt title, allowing you to register and insure the car again.

Salvage Your Junk Car

If you are ready to salvage your vehicle, call a local junk car buyer to find out how much your junk car is worth. Our company can even buy your car if you don’t have the original clean title. Just call us to get an instant cash quote and arrange vehicle pickup.

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