Get Paid On The Spot For Your Junk Car In South Florida

There is no need for anyone to wait days or even weeks to sell their junk car in South Florida when there are junk car buyers like Junkyard Dog who will pay you cash on the spot. Our junk car buyers are known as the fastest and most reliable junk vehicle removal service in Broward, Palm Beach and Dade counties.

Get Paid On The Spot For Your Junk Car In Florida

Instant Cash For Your Junk Car

When we say instant cash for your junk car, we mean it. If you’re ready to sell your vehicle, we advise you to get it ready for sale by removing your personal items including the license plate. Our junk car buyers usually show up within an hour or two of you calling for an instant cash quote. There is no delay in pick up or payment of your vehicle.

Trade Your Junk Cars For Cash

While we don’t recommend trading in your junk car at a dealership, you can trade it in for cold hard cash. Junk car buyers do not care what condition your vehicle is in, unlike car dealers who are looking for newer models they can resell on their used lot.

Unfortunately if your vehicle is old or damaged, automotive dealerships will not even entertain an offer. They’ll tell you to call a junk car buyer like us.

Highest Cash Value For Your Used Vehicle

Junkyard Dog always pays the highest cash value for used vehicles in South Florida. We have built a trusted reputation not only with our customers who are selling their junk cars, but also salvage centers, junkyards and recycling facilities. We even purchase vehicles for buyers who are seeking out certain makes and models. Due to our experience and the professional service we strive to offer, you’ll almost always get the best cash offer for your car, truck, SUV or van from our junk car buying company.

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