How to Sell Your Junk Vehicle in Plantation, FL

If you’ve ever tried to sell an old, broken-down vehicle, you know that it’s not as easy as it might seem. Most people don’t exactly line up around the block to buy a beat-up hunk of junk! You might have some luck selling it on Craigslist to someone looking to restore an old vehicle, but the chances of that happening are fairly slim. Thankfully, there’s a solution! Call Junkyard Dog and say, “Buy my vehicle in Fort Lauderdale, FL!” We offer cash on the spot for all old cars. Keep reading to learn more about the junking process.

When is it time to get rid of my car?

Sometimes, letting go of your old ride can be a little hard. After all, you’ve likely had some great times in that vehicle! However, all good things must come to an end. Get rid of your car if any of the following points apply:

  • If it won’t start: Chances are, you’ve seen a house with a broken-down car out on the front lawn. Doesn’t that just look awful? Don’t be that guy—call us today and let us tow your vehicle off your property at no charge to you.
  • If repairs are expensive: Fixing a broken-down vehicle can cost a pretty penny. If the repairs are worth more than the vehicle itself, fixing it isn’t worth it. Sell your junk car to a junkyard and get cash right away!
  • If it’s dangerous: Beat up old cars don’t just look bad—they’re typically a danger to you and others out on the road. You never know when it might break down without warning and cause an accident. Do yourself a favor and sell your old car to us!

Steps to junk your car

Now that you know when you ought to consider junking your old vehicle, let’s take a closer look at how this process actually works:

  • Get your title: First, locate your car’s title. We have to know that we’re buying a junk car from its legitimate owner.
  • Use up your gas: We don’t want to tow away any cars with fuel still in the gas tank—that’s just a waste! If your car is still drivable, drive around until the gas is all gone. If not, we can take care of it for you.
  • Remove your license plates: Before we take your car away, you’ll want to remove your license plates. You might not be able to cancel your car insurance or get the registration out of your name without returning your plates to the DMV.
  • Remove your belongings: You don’t want a junkyard to take your car with all of your valuables still inside it! Make sure all of your personal items are out of the vehicle before you have it towed away.
  • Call a junkyard: After you’ve taken all of the steps above, you can go ahead and give us a call! We’ll come by your house or business right away to give you an estimate for your vehicle. If you think we’re offering a fair price, we’ll give you cash up front and tow your car away the same day.

Don’t waste your time with any other junkyards. Call Junkyard Dog today and simply say, “Buy my vehicle in Fort Lauderdale, FL!” We offer top dollar for any make or model, regardless of its condition.

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