Make Some Cash This Summer by Selling Your Junk Car to Junkyard Dog

Tired of looking at that old, broken down car that’s been sitting in your driveway for years? Why not get that old clunker out of the way by selling it to Junkyard Dog! At Junkyard Dog, we pay cash for cars in Pompano Beach, FL. That’s right—we’ll pay you on the spot for your car, truck, SUV or van regardless of what condition it’s in or whether it even starts! Best of all, right now is the perfect time to cash in on that junk vehicle so you’ll have some extra funds for your upcoming summer vacation.

Not convinced? Here are four reasons to sell us your junk car or truck today.

It’s just plain ugly

An old car that doesn’t run is basically just a giant paperweight. It’s safe to say that it’s not doing much good sitting in your driveway other than decreasing the curb appeal of your home. A broken down car can negatively affect the overall appearance of your property. You’ll definitely want to get rid of that clunker if you’re considering selling your home in the near future, as it could deter potential buyers from even walking up to the front door.

Free up space

A broken down car requires quite a bit of space to store it. Not only do you need a designated spot to park the actual vehicle, but it could also be limiting access to your garage if it’s sitting in the driveway. You’ll be able to free up some extra space to accommodate a new RV for your summer adventures or for guests to park during your upcoming barbecue by opting to sell the car for cash today.

Make cash fast

Summer is the perfect time to relax at a luxury beachside resort or retreat to a mountain cabin. Unfortunately, those things all cost money. It’s likely your wallet will be hurting a bit after your summer vacation. Make up some of those lost funds by selling your vehicle to Junkyard Dog. You’ll be able to pay off any costs incurred during your trip or start saving up for an upcoming escape.

Free towing

Many people tend to put off dealing with a trashed car because they don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars just to have it towed to a junkyard. Luckily, Junkyard Dogs offers free rapid pickups so you never have to waste your money on towing. We even offer a one-hour pickup service so you can quickly get rid of that unwanted vehicle. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is giving us a call to schedule a time!

When it comes time to part with your junk car, Junkyard Dog is your top choice—we pay for cash for cars in Pompano Beach, FL! We’ll give you the best cash value for your vehicle and pay you instantly in cash. You’ll never have to worry about wire transfers or receiving a check by mail. Call us today to turn your junk car into cash!

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