Tips for Getting the Most Value from Junk Cars

It’s time to junk your vehicle. You want to get as much value out of it as possible. You wonder if it even has any value. Fortunately, if you opt for junk car removal in Pompano Beach, FL, you can maximize the value with a few simple steps.

Use the following tips to stretch your car’s value an extra mile or two. You might be surprised what hidden value it still has left!

Learn the Value

To know if you are getting the most value for your junk car, you have to know what it’s worth. Before you call for junk car removal in Pompano Beach, FL, check Kelley Blue Book to learn the current value of your vehicle. Does your car need repairs? If so, subtract repair costs from the price to get a more accurate value. Once you have this figure calculated, you can determine if offers you receive for your junk car removal are fair.

Follow the Law

What are the local junk car laws in your area? If you’re not familiar with them, learn them before you complete your junk car removal in Pompano Beach, FL. It’s essential to have the right paperwork to complete the transaction properly. If you don’t follow the right procedures and get everything in writing, you could end up with no cash instead of more cash for your junk car. You might even get stuck with fees. Follow the letter of the law to get the most value from your vehicle.

Pick it Apart

Is your car worth more as a whole or in parts? You might make more money if you sell individual parts from your car. Repair shops and individuals completing restoration projects often look to used cars for the parts they need. Do some research to determine if the individual parts of your car would add up to more than what you’d get for junk car removal in Pompano Beach, FL. If so, consider selling it as parts rather than intact.

Strip it Down

Is your vehicle currently running? If not, a valuable option might be to sell your car for scrap metal. The total value will be based on the weight of the metal in the car. If you have an older model, it probably has more steel, which will sell for more. Consult with your local expert in junk car removal in Pompano Beach, FL to determine if this might be a good option for junking your car.

Ask the Experts

With a variety of options available to make money from your junk vehicle, it’s best to consult with the pros to get the best value. If you have a junk car, contact the staff at Junkyard Dog. Our locally owned and family operated business is dedicated to professionalism and customer service. We offer one-hour pickups and scheduled pickups. Call today to see how much we can offer you for your unwanted car, truck, SUV or van. All makes and models welcome! Reach out to us today to learn more.

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