Sell Car To Junkyard

Sometimes you are left with no other option than to sell a car to a junkyard. We know it can be hard for some people to part ways with their vehicle while others can’t get rid of it fast enough, either way, selling your car to a junkyard is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get paid cash the same day.

Should You Sell Your Car To A Junkyard?

A vehicle that has been in an accident or has major damage to it exterior or engine parts should be sold to a local junkyard unless you plan to part out the vehicle yourself to salvage it. Some vehicles that are still in running order but probably on their last few miles should also get sold to junkyards where they can be recycled for parts.

Where Can I Find A Junkyard In Fort Lauderdale?

There are only a few junkyards left near Fort Lauderdale. Junk Car Dog has been around for many years serving the local community by buying junk cars. While our junkyard doesn’t buy or sell parts, we hundreds of junk vehicles every year. Unlike other junk car buying junkyards, we come to you. Due to safety reasons, we send a tow truck to your location to pick up and remove the vehicle which is then brought to our junkyard facility in Fort Lauderdale.

Do Junkyards Buy Salvaged Scrap Cars?

Yes, junkyards do buy vehicles that have been salvaged or scrapped. You’ll need to call around to get the best offer from a junkyard if the vehicle is missing parts. You may be better off calling a company like ours to remove the junk vehicle if parts have been removed. We may not be able to salvage anything else from it so we’ll just transport it to a metal scrap facility for recycling.

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