Sell My SUV For Cash

Selling your old sports utility vehicle for cash is easy to do in South Florida. Junk vehicle buyers can be found throughout Broward and Palm Beach county who specialize in buying SUVs.

When selling your SUV, especially a full-size SUV such as a Lincoln Navigator or a Suburban, you’ll want to call different junk  buyers to get the best cash offer possible. Sport utility vehicles weigh a lot more than standard passenger vehicles do which increases the cash payout value you could receive for selling your junk SUV.

Sell My SUV For Cash

Get Paid Same Day For Your SUV

Rather than waiting several days for a company like Peddle to find a junk car buyer, you can sell your SUV the same day you call Junkyard Dog. All you have to do is give us a call, provide a description of the vehicle and we’ll give you a cash offer on the spot for your truck. We’ll even tow it away for free.

Who Buys Junk SUVs Near Fort Lauderdale

Every junk car buyer in Fort Lauderdale wants to buy your junk SUV. Most junkers seek out bigger vehicles to purchase because of the high demand for used SUV parts. Junkyards near Fort Lauderdale are in need of sport utility vehicles to pull parts from for sale.

To sell your SUV, just call a junk car buyer to find out how much it is worth and when you can get paid. If you’re told you have to wait a few days, call us, we’ll pick it up same-day.

We Buy Junk SUVs

Junkyard Dog buys junk SUVs almost daily. We’re known for paying more cash for trucks than our competitors. We pay a fair price for used, wrecked and junk pickup trucks.

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