Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Junk Car to a Vehicle Buyer in Coral Springs, FL

It can be difficult to think about selling your vehicle to a junkyard where you know it’s likely to be scrapped. But sometimes junking is the best choice you can make—such as if your car is too banged up to fix, major repairs are too expensive or it has become an eyesore in front of your home. If you do decide to sell your vehicle to a junkyard, know that the process does not have to be confusing or time consuming. It can go smoothly if you are prepared.

With that in mind, here are a few things you need to remember to do before selling your junk car to a vehicle buyer in Coral Springs, FL:

  • Clear out your belongings: No matter how long you have owned your vehicle, you’ve likely accumulated all sorts of things in the trunk, in the back seat, under the seats, inside the glove box and center console and even in the inside door panels. Make sure to check these areas and remove your personal belongings before the tow truck comes. Also, you should be respectful and throw away garbage as well as the things you no longer want—it’s a vehicle junkyard, after all, not the city landfill.
  • Take note of valuable parts you can sell: Although it’s tempting to want to sell your vehicle to a junkyard whole and as-is, you could be missing out on making a few extra dollars from selling components that still have value—especially if you can get more than the scrap value of the car. This includes components like tires with a good amount of tread left, working car batteries, rims and stereo and GPS equipment. Just make sure that you and the junkyard agree on a price for the condition it will be in after you salvage any components.
  • Don’t leave gasoline in the tank: Some vehicles have big gas tanks, which means paying a bit at the pump. So, if your vehicle is still operational, you might consider using up all the gas you can before selling it to a junkyard. To use up the gas, take a day trip or go somewhere on the weekend and enjoy your car one last time. Otherwise, gasoline and other fluids left in junk vehicles are drained out and disposed of.
  • Have your car title ready and remove license plates: Take off your license plates! Some states require that the plates on junkyard-bound cars be returned. It’s also important that you hold onto the title to the vehicle you want to sell, because you’ll need it to transfer ownership to the junkyard during the sale. Make sure you’ve signed where you need to sign. Check with your state’s DMV and title laws about older vehicles to see if you might only need to show a valid picture ID for the transaction.

Don’t waste your time calling around to half a dozen junkyards looking for the right vehicle buyer in Coral Springs, FL. All you need to do is call the helpful and knowledgeable team at Junkyard Dog to get things rolling. Even better is the fact that we pay cash for cars!

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