How To Dispose a Car In Florida

You want to throw your car away? Well, you can’t put it by the curb with your trash. You also can’t just abandon the vehicle somewhere. In Florida, it is illegal to abandon a vehicle. To avoid the headache and hassle of the fines you may receive for trying to dispose your car, truck or SUV illegally, do it the right way.

How To Dispose a Car In Florida

Get Rid Of An Old Car

Getting rid of an old vehicle is easier to do than most people think. No need to stress out. A quick phone call to the right place and a tow truck will come and pick it up.

Donate Your Vehicle To A Charity or School

If you want to get a tax credit, you can donate your vehicle to a non-profit organization or a local trade school that offers a mechanic program. If your vehicle is in driving condition, a charity will gladly accept it as a donation. They will either donate it to a deserving person who needs a car or they will sell it to a junk car buyer to raise money for their cause.

Sell Your Car To A Junk Buyer

If you want to make some quick cash while getting rid it, the fastest way is to call a local junk car buyer. They will make you an instant cash offer and  typically can pick up the vehicle within an hour or two. Call around to get the best cash offer and make sure you don’t get ripped off by a scam car buyer.

Don’t Abandon Your Vehicle, Do It The Right Way!

Leaving a vehicle on the side of the road or in a public parking lot is a terrible way to dispose your car. Not only is it horrible for the environment, you’re also making a local tow truck company wealthier. When a vehicle is abandoned, an officer or Florida Highway Patrol will place a tow sticker on the vehicle. The tow company that picks up the vehicle will tow it to their lot and store it there. After the wait time is over, the tow company claims ownership of the vehicle and can sell it for cash.

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