Wholesale Junk Car Buyers In Florida

Own a dealership and you have worthless trade-in vehicles sitting on your lot? Maybe you have a mechanic shop where junk cars pile up after parting them out. Not all used vehicles can be sold at auctions. Companies who want to sell their bulk supply of unwanted vehicles can negotiate a deal with a local wholesale junk car buyer to purchase and haul them away for free.

Wholesale Junk Car Buyers in Florida

Locating Reliable Junk Car Wholesalers

Wholesale junk car buyers work with local junkyards, scrap yards, car auction companies and used car buyers seeking specific makes and models to dispose of unwanted vehicles. Due to the demand for used parts salvaged from older vehicles, there is an opportunity for businesses to unload vehicles in bulk for quick cash. A quick search online will pull up a few different buyer options.

Vehicle Wholesale Business

The most common way to sell multiple cars at once is to contact a vehicle wholesale business. These companies typically have a minimum number of vehicles required for purchase and a pickup date is scheduled. It could be weeks before the vehicles are picked up and you are left storing them on your lot. If you have a high volume of vehicles, then a whole business like this is your best option.

Keep in mind, a lot of vehicle buying companies only want newer vehicles or used cars, trucks ans SUVs in good condition. While the payout is much higher, they will be much pickier than junk car buyers.

Wholesale Car Seller Auctions In Florida

In South Florida there are a few wholesale car seller auctions where you can sell bulk vehicles. You’ll need to check the requirements for selling a vehicle at one of these auctions. Some wholesale auctions require the seller to have a license.

A popular wholesale vehicle auction in South Florida is Manheim Palm Beach.

Local Junk Car Buyers

A quick way for car dealerships to get some cash for a trade-in is to do a buy-bid with a local junk car buyer. When a car buyer wants to trade in a junker that is only worth a few hundred dollars, a dealership may be able to negotiate for more money than other buyers.

If you find a local wrecker who is interested in buying specific makes and models, the cash payout will be greater than selling to a junk car buyer who buys any vehicle. Many local junk car towing businesses will even buy damaged and wrecked vehicles unlike vehicle wholesale businesses.

Buying Cars Wholesale

Whether you have one old car or you have a fleet of old vehicles sitting around, we can help you get rid of them. We buy old cars for the most money in the Fort Lauderdale area and Broward County. The best part. We pay you the same day, in cash.

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