We Offer Cash for Cars in Pompano Beach, FL!

Junkyard Dog proudly serves area customers by offering cash for cars in Pompano Beach, FL. We are a premier vehicle buyer and will purchase your vehicle even if it fails emissions or no longer runs. Even if your car is wrecked beyond recognition, we are still interested! Cars are infinitely recyclable, and they still have value at the end of their useful lives. If you are considering selling your junk car, here is why you should choose us as your buyer:

  • We make it easy: Our services include evaluating, picking up and guiding you through the proper paperwork. You do not have to arrange for a tow or even have the title ready—we can pick up vehicles even if you do not have the title in hand. When you call us, we can retrieve your vehicle within an hour or schedule a visit for a time that’s convenient for you. We travel all over the state to pick up cars and offer a wide service area. Do not assume you are too far for us, or that your lost title will stop the transaction. Call us and explain your situation, and we can likely work with you.
  • Instant cash: You do not wait for payment through wire transfer or mail. Once we determine the best cash value for your vehicle, you receive cash right then. This is helpful when you really need the money or do not maintain accounts that allow for electronic payments. Our service is accessible and requires less effort on your part.
  • We take all cars: The condition requirements for cars we buy are very minimal. If your car fails to run or is no longer road legal, we are still interested in taking it off your hands. Even if you have an auto restoration project you will never finish or simply need to offload an extra car, we are still there for you. Call us and let us know what you must sell.
  • Avoid fines or complaints: Many people call a salvage service because they are desperate to avoid fines. If you have a dead car that sat on your street for a long time and you are now being cited for it, we can resolve the matter quickly by towing it away within an hour of your call. Many times, these matters are resolved because the owner solves the problem. Our goal is to resolve unwanted vehicle situations quickly, not only so you can secure cash, but also so you can reduce the pressure that often arises from junk cars.
  • Excellent customer service: Our service is prompt, professional and thorough. We arrive on time, make sure all the right papers are filled out and give you the best estimate for your vehicle. You will have cash and no more issues arising out of a dead or unwanted car.

Junkyard Dog serves the greater Fort Lauderdale area as a resource for trucks, cars and auto salvage. If you seek a reputable outlet offering cash for cars in Pompano Beach, FL, call us today to arrange a vehicle pickup.

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